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Corficolombiana - Visor de contenido general - WCV(JSR 286)

Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

Proyectos de Infraestructura S.A. (PISA)

PISA was awarded the first road concession contract signed in the country, on 30 December 1993, for the purposes of managing, maintaining and operating the Buga-Tulua-La Paila road. In November 2006 an addendum to the extension of the dual carriageway in the section La Paila - La Victoria was signed, completing an extension of 80 km of track in the Department of Valle del Cauca.

CFC participation: 88,3%.



PISA is the main shareholder of Concesiones CCFC with a 50.5% share, therefore we control it indirectly through its majority ownership in PISA.

CCFC signed a concession contract in 1995 for the operation of the Fontibon - Facatativá – Los Alpes road with the Instituto Nacional de Concesiones (National Institute of Concessions) (INCO), which began in 1998. In 2008 the concession signed a contract extension to begin the construction of dual carriageways.


Estudios y Proyectos de los Andes S.A. – Epiandes (Coviandes)

It is a holding company whose main investment is a 60% share in the Concesionaria Vial of los Andes S.A. (Coviandes).

Coviandes maintains a concession contract since 1994 for the administration, operation and maintenance of the road that connects Bogota with the municipalities of Chipaque, Caqueza, Quetame, Puente Quetame, Guayabetal, Pipiral and the city of Villavicencio. In January 2010 the development of the project of the Doble Calzada Bogota-Villavicencio was signed, agreeing the construction of 45, 5 KM of a dual carriageway in the El Tablón – Chirajara sector with 19 tunnels, 27 bridges and viaducts.

CFC participation: 60%.


Colombiana de Concesiones y Licitaciones S.A.S. – Concecol

The investments of this holding company are in road concessions (Epiandes - Coviandes) and airport concessions (Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa S.A.), and in other sectors such as textile, banking, etc. It is an investment vehicle to participate in low risk and defined profitability projects in the energy sector, participating in Centro de Generación de Energía Tello and Planta de Tratamiento de Gas Dina.

CFC participation: 100%.

Estudios y Proyectos del Sol S.A.S. – Episol

Episol is an investment vehicle of our property which has a 33% share in the sector two of the Ruta del Sol, a 100% share in the colombian company Concesionaria Panamericana S.A., a 60 % share in Coninvial S.A.S., and a 60% share in Covipacifico, which is part of Concesiones 4G.

Episol actively participates in tenders, procurement processes, and is responsible for the implementation of the ongoing projects.

CFC participation: 99,1%.


Concesionaria Panamericana S.A.S.

The initial road concession contract was signed in 1997 between the Government of Cundinamarca and the Consesionaria. The additional 28 which includes several works between the Los Alpes-Villeta and Chuguacal-Cambao sections was signed in 2009. The revenues from two tolls were used to remunerate the works included in the initial scope: the Jalisco toll (in the Los Alpes-Villeta se) and the Guayabal toll (in the Chuguacal-Cambao section).

CFC participation: 100%.

Concesionaria Tibitoc E.S.P.

It started in 1997 through a unique character contract with the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá "EAAB", "EAAB", through which the concessionaire committed to operate and maintain the treatment plant and rehabilitate 30 Km of the Tibitoc – Casablanca pipeline. The contract is due in the year 2018 and has to guarantee the payment of the minimum demand of water agreed. The plant is located in Tocancipa and it has an installed pumping capacity of 10, 5m 3/sec capturing and processing water from the Bogota and Teusaca rivers, representing 38% of the capacity of the EAAB.

CFC Participation: 33,3%.

Aerocali S.A

Aerocali S.A. is a concessionaire of administration and management of airport services that currently operates the "Alfonso Bonilla Aragón" international airport.

CFC Participation: 49,9%.



It is a holding company with assets in transport, distribution of natural gas and energy. It carries approximately 50% of the natural gas consumed in Colombia. Currently, the companies in which Promigas is involved benefit more than 2.8 million users, mainly residential.

CFC Participation: 44,8%.



Gascop is a natural gas company created in 2009 whose sales are focused on the industrial and vehicle market in the North of Peru. It has four service stations located in the cities of Piura and Chiclayo. In addition to its individual clients, it has some industrial customers with which it has contracts for the gas supply.

CFC Participation: 91,8%.

Empresa de Energía De Bogotá – EEB

It is the main natural gas transporter , and one of the most important electricity companies in Colombia, which in recent years has established itself as a holding company with a solid investments portfolio at national and international level within which it is worth highlighting its shareholding in Codensa (51.5%), Emgesa (51.5%) and Gas Natural (25%).

CFC Participation: 3,6%.


Gas Natural S.A. ESP

It is the leading company in the distribution and marketing of natural gas in Colombia. It serves the city of Bogota, which is the most important natural gas market in the country. It has more than 1.5 million customers between residential, commercial, industrial users, CNG stations and distributors. It has a network of 13 thousand kilometers.

CFC Participation: 1,68%.


Hoteles Estelar S.A.

It is a company specialized in the promotion, management and operation of hotels, and the development of real estate, being the leading national chain in hospitality in the corporate segment. It has more than 3,230 rooms distributed in 27 hotels in 13 major cities of Colombia, Peru and Panama.

CFC Participation: 84,9%.


Promotora Turística Santamar S.A.

It is a company oriented to the hotel business and the promotion of tourism projects whose main asset is the Santamar hotel and convention Center, which is located in the Pozos Colorados sector, not far from the city of Santa Marta.

CFC Participation: 84,6%.

Organización Pajonales S.A.

It is an agro-industrial company located in Ambalema with a surface of 5.932 hectares . The company has 6 business lines; agriculture, seeds, natural rubber, fish farming, livestock, and bio-inputs, being the first three the most important within the company.

Furthermore, the company is ahead of a project for the exploitation of natural rubber in Meta, which planted a total of 4.157 net hectares between 2007 and 2011.

CFC Participation: 94,9%.


Pizano S.A.

It is one of the largest companies producing wood products in Colombia. The company manufactures plywood sheets, chipboards, laminated boards, doors for interior use and ready-to-assemble furniture, among other value-added products.

Additionally, the company has 10,000 sown hectares and participates in association with third parties in other 13,000 hectares. Its main production center is located in Barranquilla.

CFC Participation: 39,9%.


Unipalma S.A.

It is a company dedicated to the cultivation and extraction of oil palm products. It has a sown area of approximately 4,300 hectares, distributed in two plantations in Cumaral, Meta and Paratebueno. Likewise, its facilities have a extraction plant for the production of crude palm oil, and palm oil used as an input for the production of edible fats and biofuels.

CFC participation: 54,5%.


Leasing Corficolombiana

Our subsidiary offers different products of assets financing, such as financial, operating, import and rediscount leasings. Additionally, it has an ordinary loans portfolio. The company obtained from Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A. the AAA rating for the long-term and F1+ for short-term.

CFC Participation: 94,5%.


Fiduciaria Corficolombiana S.A.

It is a specialized entity, leading in the provision of financial trust services and the structuring of products for the capital markets, with 20 years of experience in the market.

It has obtained the highest AAA rating in credit risk for its Carteras Colectivas Valor Plus, Renta Plus, Capital Plus, Confianza Plus, rating granted by the rating agency Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A.

CFC Participation: 94,5%.


Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A.

The Bolsa de Valores de Colombia is the institution that is now consolidated to manage the stock, foreign exchange, derivatives and fixed income markets.

It seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the capital market through the channelling of savings into productive investment by the administration of efficient, transparent, equitable, competitive, safe, and supervised markets , for the benefit of issuers, investors and intermediaries, and generate value for its shareholders by means of an appropriate balance between the objectives of profitability and the development of medium- and long-term objectives.

CFC Participation: 3,4%.


Casa de Bolsa S.A.

On October 23, 2009 the merger of the stockbroker companies of Grupo Aval (Valores del Bogotá, Valores del Popular, Valores de Occidente y Casa de Bolsa Corficolombiana) was carried out in order to create a more robust stockbroker company.

Casa de Bolsa seeks to contribute to the development of the capital market in Colombia, through an active advisory to clients, brokerage in the stock market and the aqcuisition of funds for the capital market.

CFC Participation: 38,9%.


Mineros S.A.

It is a company founded in 1974 dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of precious metals, especially gold. It owns mining operations which are carried out on two fronts: alluvial and underground, in the Department of Antioquia, with an annual average production of 120 thousand ounces of gold.

CFC Participation: 8,1%.


Valora S.A.S

It is a company specialized in the development of real estate projects and the investment in hotels of rapid return. Thanks to its wide experience, the company has the ability to participate on different fronts of a real estate project, since it leads their execution from the conception of the idea, until a successful completion through the direction and control of financial, administrative, technical, legal and commercial management.

CFC Participation: 100%.

Tejidos Sintéticos de Colombia S.A. – Tesicol

It is a leading company in the manufacture of plastic meshes, synthetic fabrics, ropes, and synthetic fibres, which are made of polyethylene and polypropylene, offering solutions for the agriculture, agro-industry, livestock, flowers, poultry and construction fields, among others, with sales in more than 17 countries. The manufacturing plant is located in the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga, Santander.

CFC Participation: 94,9%.


Jardín Plaza S.A.

Jardín Plaza is a shopping center located in the prestigious area of Ciudad Jardín in the South of Cali. The shopping center is known for having the best brands, as well as for being a place for the fashion industry. Conceived with a new architectural concept, Jardín Plaza has managed to position itself as the reference shopping center of the latest fashion trends and events in the city.

CFC Participation: 17,8%.


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